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Welcome to La Pupusa Loca

How It All Started.. 

La Pupusa Loca was first a mom and pop restaurant established in the 1990s, where my Grandparents successfully migrated from El Salvador and were able to bring their own recipes of many popular Salvadoran dishes to one of the prime locations here in the heart of West New York, NJ. Having previous experience in the food industry from their motherland, they were able to bring their practice, train new staff, and successfully conduct business here in U.S. With over 30 years of experience we have mastered the art of making our traditional dish of Pupusas with our unique salsa and curtido; and many more typical Salvadoran platters. And for those with a sweet-tooth be sure to try our daily made Salvadoran Quesadillas and Horchata, you won’t be disappointed. La Pupusa Loca welcomes everyone to come and experience a glimpse of what a Traditional Salvadoran experience, atmosphere, and cuisine has to offer with live music and a full bar. Perfect for family, friends, and work gatherings and or special occasions. Be sure to call us in advance to book a resevervation. We look forward to seeing you all.